Often, we are afraid of change, wishing that the summer nights never end. But surely enough year after year the winds change direction, the leaves change colour, and the trees go bare. Change might be the scariest thing that we encounter, fearing what will come next never being able to see the end of the road yet knowing that the time has come for the road less traveled to be taken.
You wake up, it's October, you look outside your window and see leaf after leaf falling from the tree that once stood so proudly. Once it was full of glimmering green leaves, with branches that stemmed out far and wide. But now you watch as these same branches are exposed the harsh winters to come.
A bittersweet feeling takes over you, both saddened of the trees loss and assured that this tree will stand strong again, because it is rooted with purpose to bring life into this world. 
This is truly a month for transformation for growth, for letting go of the past and embracing the new. Water your soul and stay in the light. We may not always be able to see what is to come but we can have peace in knowing whatever the change maybe, we have been created to survive it.  

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